The Path Forward is Not Always Straight

“An obstacle is often an unrecognized opportunity.”  Unknown

Aspens at Black Lake 2018It’s one of the prettiest times of the year in Colorado – the temperatures are beginning to cool and the aspen leaves are beginning their annual metamorphosis from summer green to fall yellow.  Hiking in the mountains during this change is magical – as confirmed by the thousands of tourists who travel here to witness this magic.  It’s also a reminder that change can be good. A time to reflect on the past and look forward to a time of renewal and re-birth.

As I reflect on my own journey in the last few months, I can see my own path changing direction, sometimes as expected, sometimes not.  It meanders this way and that and I have allowed myself to keep following it, even though I don’t know exactly the direction I’m headed.  Occasionally I sit in the middle of the path, not moving, hoping the direction I should follow will become clear (or just simply being lazy because, after all, I’m just like everybody else). And when I allow myself to hear the answer it is always the same – get up and move and the rest will follow.

Pushing Boulder Pawnee PassAs our paths turn corners, we are often faced with obstacles that we allow to block our view of the road ahead.  We push, we pull, we curse, we stomp our feet, and yet the obstacle remains.  Until we’re able to step back, catch our breath, and open our eyes and realize the obstacle is unmovable.  But if we step back far enough we might see the obstacle differently.  Yes, it blocks the path.  But what happens when we stop pushing against an immovable object?  When we open our minds to other possibilities?  When we allow ourselves to choose a different path?  This becomes our own metamorphosis, our own awakening to possibilities that we couldn’t see before.

When Spring arrives next year the aspens will once again become resplendent in their green finery.  But they won’t be the same trees they were last year.  They will be renewed, perhaps a little taller, a little greener, a little broader. Just as we move down our paths that will zig and zag, maybe even take a totally different direction.  As long as we’re moving and open to the journey ahead we will reach our destination, even if it means going around or over the obstacles in our path.  And if we’re lucky, we’ll feel that sense of renewal and re-birth as we begin our trek down the next path.

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